23 de junio de 2010

2:32 AM

H&M rings and Lefties T-shirt.

Today was crazy. We (my class and I...oh, and the guests of course) had a party celebrating the end of the school year...I thought it was going to be normal, as any other party...but I was so wrong.
Everything was all right, until a friend came to me saying a girl passed out...she had an alcoholic coma. Then, an hour later, another girl fainted. And minutes later I saw everyone running because "the police was coming".
Jeez, can't I have a normal night with my friends? And when you look backwards it's kinda funny and everything.
I'm sure tonight I won't sleep at all.


2 comentarios:

  1. lo q pasa esq la gente son unas lokas y no saben beber y los kanis d la barri se encalomaron x toda la caraaaaaaa! kabronessss se cargaron la party hahah loveyaa

  2. hahaaahah eso eso es lo q pasa miarma xd hahaha


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