22 de junio de 2010


I'm a 17 years old chilean student living in Spain since 2007. You can call me Ber. 

I'm the second one of my two sister and brother, I love cinema, and I've always had animals which run away from home or die at some fight.

I love fashion, I think is something that will always have a lot of potential through the years because it is always transforming and updating according to every new time that comes. So we can say it's kind of immortal.

I love reading books and magazines ( Elle, of course!) and I spend my time drawing outfit sketches during math classes.

Well, I think that is part of ALL I want to say, the rest will be posted in the next days!

kisses. Ber.

2 comentarios:

  1. berrrrr i didnt know that you had animals that run away or die, poor you...hahaj
    and other thingg...ases tela en klase d mates eee ahahahaj

  2. ahahhaa you know me very well xd


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