13 de agosto de 2010


Winter, I need you now! I can't stand this 45ºC every day. I need some rain and reasons to have a hot chocolate...
I know that in a few months I'll be missing the sun, and being warm the whole day...but that's why we have the heating :).


Invierno, te necesito ahora! No puedo soportar los 45ºC cada día. Necesito un poco de lluvia y razones para tomarme un chocolate caliente...Sé que unos meses extrañaré el sol y estar calentita todo el día...pero para eso tenemos la calefacción :).

And changing subject...I have a lot of whims today!

I feel like...

having a delicious caramel Frappuccino:

eating a creamy pistachio ice cream:

Reading The Nanny Diaries, god what a hilarious book:

And watching Skins series 2 lying in my bed:

After I end this season I'll start watching the third and the fourth again, which are the best for me:


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