26 de febrero de 2012

Kirsten Dunst for Vogue Italia

Kirsten Dunst for Vogue Italia February 2012

Sé que casi es marzo, pero necesitaba publicar esta editorial antes de que se me hiciera muy tarde. ¿Por qué? Porque es simplemente perfecta para mí. Tiene un poco de todo lo que me gusta en la fotografía de la moda: color, un hermoso paisaje y una modelo que sea capaz de transmitir diferentes emociones (en este caso modelo y actriz)

Espero que os gusten las fotos.

I know it's almost March, but I just needed to publish this editorial before it was too late. Why? Because it's just perfect for me. It has a bit of everything I love in fashion photography: color, a beautiful scenery and a model who can transmit different feelings (in this case a model and an actress) 

Hope you like the pictures.



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  1. Gracias!:D
    Me encantan las fotos de este post, besos

  2. This is the best I've ever seen her look!

  3. thanx for visiting and commenting, we try to do our best, there so many blogs on the web that is kind of hard to survive! thanx for your lovely comments and congratulations, you have great style and the blog is very nice and clean!
    take care!


  4. She is gorgeous and the pictures amazing! Great post!


  5. Ahhh, she is so pretty, beautiful editorial x

  6. Son increíbles las fotos, me encanta y Kirsten preciosa como siempre!
    Te espero en mi nuevo post guapísima ^____^

    besitos http://missvich.blogspot.com

  7. Las fotos son preciosas, me gustan muchisimo. Sobre lo de la quedada que organiza Como Dior Manda recibi un correo donde decia que iba a planearla pero no he vuelto a tener noticias. ¿Cuando es y donde? Si quieres mandame un correo y hablamos por ahi del tema ;)


  8. Mire mi correo pero no me ha llegado la invitacion :(

  9. I like the third picture! :)

    Have you used golden or white sugar for the brownies?
    and what baking tin have you used?
    I had tried to bake the brownies with my best friend in a glass tin, and it was terrible! it was burnt and in the middle of it just raw. haha :D
    You have to use a silicone bake tin with a ca. 26 cm diameter. :D

    If I'll have enough time on saturday I'll make cupcakes i think :P
    No I haven't published a cheesecake recipe yet. This is a point on my to-do list since a long time, really :DD I hope I'll do a cheesecake(♥) soon :)

    best regards from natalina and from germany! :D

  10. Such great shots, Kirsten looks so graceful and fragile, I always loved her as an actress. I also like your outfit from the last post, it looks cute and laid-back at the same time, love the cozy shirt! Your blog is great, a very creative collection, keep going! Check out mine and follow me if you like it, maybe you get inspired ;) xo from NYC

  11. vaya que la fotografia es hermosa, aunque tengo que admitir que me da un poco de miedo en las fotos Kirsten!! :/

    saludos!! :)


  12. me encantan las fotos!! las habia visto, pero solo un par y no todas como ahora :) y kirsten dunst es unica!

  13. Son una pasada esas fotos *-* creo que es por la luz... en fin :) Ber un besito


  14. Kirsten Dunst es hermosa y las fotos son estupendas


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