27 de marzo de 2012

Interviewing Jerome Centeno, fashion blogger

 Hi Jerome, tell us about yourself and what you do.

Hi dear readers, I'm Jerome Centeno; 21 years old and I'm from Florence, Italy but currently living in Milan.
I'm a simple guy with a huge passion for fashion and street style photography. I run a blog
where I share the things I like, personal style and random things about my world/life. I also work for Zara as a young Visual Merchandiser so far.

How did you first get interested about fashion?

When I was on high school I think, when I got bored of wearing stuffs that other guys wore.
That time I felt I was different from the people around me so then I started reading blogs, magazine and having interest on fashion. You know... "When you're on search, you'll always find the answer!"

 What do you love of being a blogger?

Being a blogger is really cool but however there's always a compromise on anything we do...Anyways, I love it because I can share many random things I like to the people who has interest on what I do and I care about. Plus, it's like a open diary for many to read, know, relate about my life. And I love being a blogger because I can get free clothes, haha! They shop for me! 

In a future, do you see yourself completely involved in the fashion industry? Or would you like to do something diferent?

Hmmm. . . It depends on how my blog goes in the future to come. I really hope it goes well, so I can enjoy more my hobby! Therefore, my hobby could become a job, thar would be nice!

 What is your personal view on fashion? What influences your style?

Fashion is a reflection of the inside, a self-expression of our character and creativity.
My style is influenced by many things, I actually don't know what exactly because everything that surrounds me can be my source of inspiration.

 An indispensable thing you always wear in an outfit:

Obviously, Hats!

What are your goals now?

Be a great Visual Merchandiser for Zara and be a famous fashion blogger in Italy.

What do you think are important qualities to succeed?

Be humble, kind and being yourself.

Your personal philosphy of life?

If you think that it is hard, you already lose from the start. So think positive because life is easy when you think it really is.

 Would you like to say something to the readers, or simply add anything else?

Well, thank you for reading my interview and I hope you guys enjoy it a bit. And I'll wait you on my blog: www.thechicstyler.com


Bueno, contando un poco mi experiencia personal, conocí a Jerome en Lookbook.nu, hace un año o cosa así, y desde entonces que no hemos dejado de hablar. Nos convertimos en muy buenos amigos, y la verdad es que estoy contentísima con esta amistad que surgió!
Espero que os haya gustado la entrevista, está en inglés pero no es complicada de leer :)

Well, I'm going to tell you a little of my personal experience with this lovely boy. I met Jerome on Lookbook.nu, about a year ago, and since then we haven't stopped talking. We became very good friends, and actuallty I'm really glad and happy with this amazing friendship we developed!

Hope you enjoyed the interview :)



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  1. He has amazing style! Great interview thanks for sharing!

  2. Me ha gustado la entrevista, pasare por su blog para conocerlo.
    Las fotos son muy bonitas!


  3. Me ha encantado la entrevista y las fotos geniales. Me encanta su estilo!

  4. If I come back in another life as a boy, I'd like to dress like him!

  5. Wow asombroso el estilo de este chico! No lo conocía pero me ha dejado sin palabras, su estilo y su forma de ver la vida. Me ha encantado saber cosas sobre él y la entrevista genial!
    Te espero prontito por mi nuevo post preciosa ^_^

    besitos http://missvich.blogspot.com

  6. Ohh great looks for the interview!! ;)


  7. Love his style!



  8. great!xxx


  9. uaah, me encantan todos sus looks, !!


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