23 de febrero de 2013

Photography: Noukka Signe

Noukka Signe

(Entrevista en español al final de esta entrada)

Noukka is a twenty year-old photographer from Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
Her work is very personal and delicate, and she tries to trasmit her feelings and her perception of life in the most honest way. At 14 she started experimenting with photography, and as she's always been a very shy person, soon self-portraits became her speciality.
Some of her photos have appeared in covers of books and CDs

How did you first start in photography?

-I started when I came across Lara Jade's (and a few other girls who did self portraits) photos 7 years ago. She was just getting popular on DeviantART at that time, but she was young, just a couple of years older than I was. I loved her work and the feeling she put into it. The 14 year old me had a lot of cropped up feelings, and her self portraits inspired me to express myself in a similar way. So I bought a Canon PowerShot (with 5 megapixels) and started experimenting.

What inspires your work?

-Mostly feelings. My work is usually very personal and even when I photograph others, I find emotion to be one of the most important things. But songs, stories, books, movies, daily things in life inspire me as well, and other photographers/artists too of course.

 Looking at your work, we can say you're into self-portraits. Do you prefer this over shooting other people?

-I'm not sure if I prefer it, it's honestly very different. Taking self-portraits is very therapeutic, and I love it because I'm in full control. Also, I'm very shy, and people often make me anxious, so shooting other people is quite scary for me. I do love it though, it's a different experience, and I absolutely LOVE making them happy with good shots. I'm currently trying to get more into shooting with other people, to get practiced, but mostly to be less scared of it.

If you had to dedicate your life to other thing that wasn't photography, what would it be?

-Design, particularly typography. I love writing and the form of letters and drawing them, it's my geeky little obsession. But I love a lot of things, film-making or webdesign would be nice dedications as well. But photography makes me very happy, and especially now that I find less time to pick up my camera I miss it horribly.

Would you like to dedicate some words to the readers?

-To anyone reading this, I'd like to say something that I've really learned in the past year.
Do what makes YOU happy. It might not be easy and it might find resistance from others, but you'll be so much more comfortable doing what you love, and it will give you energy, instead of just sucking it out of you. So find something that you love (can be more than one thing) and hold on to that.

Check out Noukka's work in Facebook and Flickr.




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  1. Conozco su trabajo desde hace algo más de dos años y nunca decepciona su capacidad para transmitir sentimientos....simplemente genial :)


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