10 de marzo de 2013

Photography: Karen Jules

Karen Jules

  (Entrevista en español al final de esta entrada)     

Karen Jules started publishing her photos about three years ago, in early 2010, on Flickr. Now she's 17, and during this time she's become an inspiration for young photographers. 

Thanks to the influence of the multiples trips she embarks on, and the books she reads, the result are balanced, dreamy and romantic pieces of work.

Enthusiasts of what she does describe it as "creative" and "authentic", although she says she hasn't completely developed her style: "[...] I haven't found my way yet. I'm constantly torn between concepts and life, contrast and low-contrast, colour and B&W. So my work still reflects my feelings and personality more than anything else" she tells on her Flickr profile.

 How did you first start in photography?

The first time I felt like I was photographing was on my holiday in Italy in 2009. I just discovered the macro button on my little point and shoot camera and I felt like a real professional photographer with that tiny bit of bokeh when I photographed a grashopper.

 Is there any artist that has influenced your work? How?

I have never really been inspired by really professional photographers because they had a lot more equipment and I always knew they worked on a completely different scale than I did as a young photographer. I looked up to young photographers on Flickr, people who have now become almost like the professional photographers I mentioned earlier, and some people who have lost track of photography by now. Though, on Flickr, there would always be new people to discover and to be inspired by.

 In your opinion, what is important to make a photograph work?

I think you should always have a kind of talent for framing things. You can have the best model or the most beautiful landscape in front of you, if you don't know how to capture it to make it look aesthetically pleasing, your photography won't work.

As it can be seen, you're very young. Do you think young people (photographers, writers...) are often jugded for their age more than for their talent?

They are! At least in my opinion, it happens a lot. Most likely because nothing's easier than judging people on things they can't change. But even though we are often judged, it also gives young artist a chance to impress people and to put themselves out there as genuinely talented artists.

What is that one thing that must be present in your photoshoots?

MUSIC! It makes everything more comfortable and more fun.

 Would you like to say something to the readers?

Probably the sentence you've heard the most. Never give up. You can't become best friends with your camera if you don't learn to understand it. Also, it takes years and years to develop your own style. Many of the photographers you might be obsessed with don't know exactly what 'their' style is. Just photograph every single thing that might look interesting, it's the best way to really get an eye for what is beautiful in life and what you should capture.

Check out Karen's work in Facebook and Flickr.




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  1. Me han parecido unas fotografías impresionantes, de verdad. La chica es super buena! :) Gracias por compartir!!!

    Lucia Gallego Blog

  2. Las fotos son increíbles y es muy bonito que gente joven pueda cumplir sus sueños, demuestra que la edad no es un determinante de talento, espero que llegue lejos.
    Buen post!

  3. Tiene un talento enorme no cabe duda!

    Te felicito por la entrevista!!

    Un besazo!

  4. te he conocido por medio de otros blog y te quiero invitar a formar parte de mis seguidores para no perder el contacto!!! de paso te doy la enhorabuena por le blog!! me encanta!! lo dicho; un placer un besito y te espero!!! c.o.c.o.

  5. I really love her work. Nice article!


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