1 de abril de 2013

Photography: Ashley Hershberger

Ashley Hershberger

    (Entrevista en español al final de esta entrada)

Two years ago Ashley Hershberger started taking pictures with a "tiny point and shoot". She soon realized it was a perfect way to unleash a creativity that had been cultivated thanks to the inspiration of books, music or even life experiences and dreams.

Her work is deep, enigmatic and carefully worked. Each photo is capable of telling a unique story and transmitting many different feelings we may feel identified with. 

Although Hershberger plays with the concepts of home and travel, she still haven't found her own style as she says her photography is a cluster of her "inner chaos".

How did you first start in photography?

I first started photography by just going out and taking pictures with a tiny point and shoot two and a half years ago during the summer. I had recently stumbled across Flickr and was exposed to all these amazing photographs and I instantly knew that this was something I wanted to do.

What inspires your work?
A lot of my photographs are actually based off of things that I’ve written. So I’m very inspired by those things that I write which are most of the times based off of dreams and real life events that I go through. Also, I’m very inspired by music, books, movies, anything that tells a story.

How would you define your personal style that distinguish your work?

I think that my own personal style hasn’t really been developed completely yet. I feel like right now, my work is just a cluster of all the chaos that goes on inside my head. I do however really focus on the theme of travel and home and the link between those two things a lot and therefore, I would consider those two things to be a small part of my “style”.

What have you learned from your experience as a photographer?

 I have learned so many things and it would take me forever to talk about it all. But aside from all the technical things about photography and the business surrounding it, I've learned that the people you meet doing something you love, are some of the best people you'll ever meet. They will really change your life.

Would you like to say something to the readers?
Never stop dreaming, never give up, and always believe in yourself.

If you liked this check out Ashley's Facebook and Flickr.


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  1. Las fotos son geniales!
    Me encanta la primera, es impresionante!

    Un beso guapa!
    Lucia Gallego Blog

  2. Son preciosas, la primera sobre todo me ha encnatado
    un beso


  3. Adoro la palabra 'enigmático'... y esto me ha matao:

    "he aprendido que la gente que conoces haciendo algo que amas, son de las mejores personas que conocerás"

    frase inspiradora apuntada. Unas fotos increíbles y una entrevista totalmente inspiradora de verdad.

    Un besito ber :)

  4. Me gusta mucho tu blog! Quieres que nos sigamos y estemos en contacto?
    Muchos besitos!


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